Villanus and Unscrupulus two Roman thugs who drive on the roads of Gaul to mischief, have found an easy target: two Gauls, who have fallen a sleep by the roadside and an unguarded, alluring bag of food. They plunder under these conditions seems a simple pleasure ... Too bad that the affected bag Asterix and Obelix is that his account will be sought by all the Roman garrisons in the country! To make matters worse, the two muggers correspond at least roughly to the physical description, which was issued to all affected legionnaires in Gaul! "A little man and a big fat man with a bag of" It takes little imagination to imagine how Obelix will respond to this comment when he comes to his ears ... Villanus and Unscrupulus, however, be arrested and by a vengeful General Motus on the main square of Burdigala (Bordeaux) towed to where he keeps for Asterix and Obelix to set an example. But our real burst Gauls settled in the middle of the celebration of their "capture" and their account with the whole garrison, without passing by in the bag with the culinary specialties take, they should bring back from their trip. A crisp brawl later sine and Unscrupulus of Motus be released, but who wants to listen to the whole affair more than anything ...
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