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Vexatius Sinusitus is a quaestor who appears in Asterix in Switzerland.


Vexatius Sinusitus was sent by Julius Caesar to conduct a financial audit on Varius Flavus, the governor of Condatum who spends most of his term partying. In response, Varius Flavus attempted to poison Vexatius Sinusitus, sending incompetent doctors to examine on the latter thereafter. Dissatisfied with the diagnosis from the doctors, Sinusitus sent for Getafix, who was able to diagnose the condition instantly. Getafix then sent Asterix and Obelix to Helvetia and retrieve a silver star for a cure. In order to keep Sinusitus away from Flavus, Getafix had Sinusitus brought to the Gaulish village as a "hostage".

Sinusitus was eventually cured. Having consumed magic potion as well, he punched Flavus into the sky, announcing his intention to expose Flavus for corruption and have him thrown into the Circus in Rome (along with the governor of Genava). Sinusitis later attended a banquet at the Gaulist village, making him the first Roman to be invited to such an occasion.


"Vexatius Sinusitus" is derived from "vexatious", an adjective defined as "difficult to deal with and causing a lot of anger, worry, or argument"[1], and "sinusitis", a medical condition which involves swelling of the sinuses.[2]