The Asterix Project


While on a stopover in the town of Aginum (Agen) during their triumphant Tour of Gaul, Asterix and Obelix agree to stop in Uptotrix's inn to regain their strength with a hearty meal. Unfortunately for them, the odious Uptotrix, a traitor in the pay of the Romans, has seasoned his roasted wild boars with sleeping tablets sufficiently powerful to put a whole cohort to sleep!

Asterix, suspicious of the far too obsequious tone of Uptotrix, once again demonstrates his unrivalled cunning by forcing the chef to be the first to taste his own cooking. We have all heard the expression «he who sleeps forgets his hunger», and now we discover with Asterix that «he who cooks, sleeps»! Despite being less prudent than his friend, Obelix, in the meantime, is far from being sleepy and is still extremely hungry!