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Unhygienix (French: Ordralfabétix) is the village fishmonger, as was his father Unhealthix before him. 

His fish do not come from the sea near the village even though he has a fishing boat; instead they are transported all the way from Lutetia (and from Massilia in the German translations) as he believes they are of finer quality. He is not bothered by their smell, but most of the other villagers are and a lot of fights are caused by his stale fish, as when the blacksmith Fulliautomatix says: "Anyway, it [the fight] wouldn't have happened if they [the fish] were fresh!" and then Unhygenix slaps him with his fish.

He regularly has fights about his fish with his friend Fulliautomatix, the village blacksmith, which often escalate to involve most of the village. Fulliautomatix says the fish are stale, Unhygienix throws a fish at him, he throws it back, it hits someone else, etc., and the whole village gets into a fight. This rivalry is a family tradition – their fathers also fought, and their children are continuing it. Despite this, his catch phrase is a scream to his wife, "Bacteria! Get the fish inside!" or "Save the sales!", in fights on the village he doesn't want to enter (i.e. fights that are not about his fish), when villagers buy or steal his fish to fight with.



"Why don't you take your phony antiques with you?"
"Don't forget your rotten fish!"
— Unhygienix and Fulliautomatix arguing about sales, Asterix: The Mansion of the Gods

Unhygienix and Fulliautomatix have a friendly rivalry. Their fathers constantly bickered and so their sons are continuing their legacy. Fulliautomatix constantly tells Unhygienix that he smells of rotten fish, and that's exactly what he sells. Despite this, the two are good friends.


"I can't take it anymore! Bacteria! Get me a fish - a big one!"
"The one that the chief hit you with?"
— Unhygienix and Bacteria, Asterix in Spain

Unlike most marriages in the village, Unhygienix and Bacteria get along well. Bacteria has no regrets about her marriage and sticks up for Unhygienix. She is also seen helping him with his job and giving him friendly advice. However, she hires out fish to people such as Fulliautomatix without his knowledge.


" You can think what you like, seeing as you bought it."
— Obelix and Unhygienix, Asterix in Spain

Unhygienix is often annoyed with Obelix. Obelix starts a rumor (which Bacteria later makes true) that Unhygienix hires out his fish, which greatly annoys Unhygienix. However, Obelix makes it up to Unhygienix by stealing salted boar from the pirates on their fishing journey, and by giving Unhygienix menhirs as payment.


"You're quite right! There's much more future in hiring out boats!"
— Unhygienix and Asterix, Asterix in Spain

Unhygienix likes Asterix most of the time, but gets angry with him when Asterix believes Obelix's rumor. Unhygienix trusts Asterix, and fights numerous other villagers including Geriatrix and Fulliautomatix when they accuse Asterix of treachery with no evidence.


Vitalstatistix doesn't like Unhygienix all too much. Unhygienix is also not afraid of talking back to Vitalstatistix.


Like with the rest of the women in the village, Unhygienix and Impedimenta get along well. Impedimenta is a regular customer, and is allowed to skip the queue due to being the chief's wife.


  • In the Battle of the Village, Unhygienix took down the centurion, Platypus, and his guard with the help of Fulliautomatix.
  • Unhygienix uses a fish to fight with.
  • Unhygienix is the only villager that fights with a fighting technique (some sort of basic martial art), while the others just punch and throw the Romans.
  • In Asterix: The Mansion of the Gods, Unhygienix and Fulliautomatix are voiced by Dick & Dom.
  • In the 3D movies, when Unhygienix drinks the magic potion, the color of the energy that crackles around him is blue.
  • Unhygienix is a good shot.
  • Unhygienix has a fishing boat, and lives off of fish in it, however later on in the series he refuses to eat fish from the sea, saying "You don't know where they've been!"
  • Despite eating mainly fish, Unhygienix prefers boar.
  • Unhygienix is a terrible cook.
  • Unhygienix was the last recurring male character to be introduced.