The Asterix Project


As director of the spa was in Borvo (now La Bourboule), the Druid Thermostatix prepared a comprehensive treatment method by which everyone can regain a healthy body (for those who want to have a healthy mind, a detour on the advice hut Psychoanalytix recommended).

The program of treatment comprises showers, sweating cures, baths and massages. Not to forget the strict diet, the main component of a (!) Träubchen there! As Obelix Träubchen this is set before, which leads to a legendary dispute between our two inseparable friends! You know: Obelix was hungry!

But that's the role of the Druid Thermostatix is still not adequately explained! Without knowing it, he runs a spa facility, which plays in the storyline of the album Asterix and the Arvernerschild an important role.

Namely, where the lifeguard on duty Marcus applesauce was last seen. Applesauce is a former legionnaire, the manufacturer of the wheels from Lucius Keuchhustus Nemossus, after losing a game of chance the sign of a defeated Vercingetorix at Alesia Gallierhäuptlings admitted that he had secretly taken after the battle itself.

Have you lost the thread about? That would hardly be possible, ultimately belongs to the adventure of the lost Shield Asterix at the absolute classics.