The Asterix Project


Laughter is the special gift of man… and Superfluous! The only words that ever pass the lips of this muscle-bound hulk assigned to the personal protection of Julius Caesar, are «hi hi hi» (which gives quite a clue to his character).

In the event, everything takes place in three steps when Mintjulep, the Egyptian spy in the pay of Caesar, makes him do a two-step to prove that he has taken some magic potion on the construction site managed by Edifis.

At first, Superfluous, feeling sure of himself, approaches the slight figure of Ginfis, and laughs in anticipation of the clout he's going to give him.

Then, after receiving a devastating punch from the Egyptian, he flies up into the air along with a series of dialogue balloons and his «hi hi hi» following behind. That's what you can call bursting out laughing!

Finally, when they take him to hospital, his constant «hi hi hi» seem to appear like the stars whirling round him, his mind more than a little knocked sideways by the overpowering punch landed by Caesar's spy. Isn't it crazy, the genius that the Goscinny / Uderzo duo manages to portray with just three drawings and some onomatopoeia.