The Asterix Project

'Secrets de druides' is a promotional book published in 2010.


"When you think about the phenomenal magic potions behind the enchantment in the Asterix universe, you can almost see yourself as a young Obelix, drawn irresistibly towards the cauldron of magic potion sitting in Getafix’s hut. Golden sickles lined up on the wall, freshly-cut mistletoe, herbs harbouring unknown powers, pots and flasks of every size and shape imaginable.... There’s no doubt about it: it fascinates us and captivates us!

But here’s the hitch: everybody knows that the secrets behind this magic will never be revealed since they are transmitted only from druid to druid. At least that is what we thought until the spy-druid Dubbelosix found the old spell book: Secrets de druides !

For the first time in history, Secrets de druides will tell you EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about the Asterix magic potions but never dared to ask!

Starting on 2 June 2010, this hitherto unpublished 48-page book (French version only, for the time being) will be offered at all participating bookshops for the purchase of two Asterix albums.

Inside, you will discover the perfect guide for the erudite druid, with:

  • Druid magic: an annotated catalogue of all magic potions from the Asterix universe
  • The druids’ network, bringing together the most famous druids and their communities of friends
  • The druid’s toolkit: all the utensils you need to prepare the very best potions …

And plenty of other surprises too!"