Le préfet


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Rome (most likely)
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The Prefect (French: Le préfet) is a character from The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. He is voiced by Bernard Lavalette in the French version and George Baker in English of the film.

The Prefect is the official in charge of "The Place That Sends You Mad," an office building Asterix and Obelix must visit to complete their eighth task. When they lose patience with the unhelpful doorman, the Prefect shows up and helps them get directions to Window II, where they can supposedly get Permit A 38. However, when Asterix loses patience with the endless bureaucracy and paperwork and throws the place into chaos by asking about a fake permit from a fake circular, the Prefect tries to restore order and gives Asterix Permit A 38 to make him go away. The shock of his own helpfulness then drives him mad.

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