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Poisonus Fungus

The Roman troops installed in Gaul are in turmoil, the instructions are clear: two dissident Gauls must be stopped at any price! It has to be said that once again Asterix and Obelix do an excellent job…

Strolling with impunity between the four corners of Gaul, they ridicule the power of Rome by buckling down to win the legendary bet that they made with inspector general Overanxius. Passionately supported by the Gaulish population, they are also showered with attention by the most prestigious Roman dignitaries, motivated by the reward promised by Caesar for capturing the two Indomitables.

Such is the case of Poisonus Fungus, the powerful prefect of the town of Lugdunum, who already pictures himself rising to dizzying heights of power. And when the Gaul Jellibabix offers to take him to our heroes, it certainly seems like luck has come knocking at his door. Unfortunately for him, Jellibabix is actually the head of the town's resistance movement and, rather than picking up the trail of the Gauls, he contrives to lose an entire legion of Romans in the labyrinth of Lugdunum's alleys, thereby allowing Asterix and Obelix to cross the town without any obstacles.

Wily Poisonus Fungus thinks he's found the answer: armed with pebbles to scatter along his path, he plays an early Tom Thumb to keep track of his route. But he should have known… not all his legionaries are as canny as him! In fact, one of them pays his boss the kindness of gathering up everything he has «lost»… Fortunately for them, the «ogre» of the Adventures of Asterix prefers to eat boar, and is already speeding towards Nicae with his inseparable friend Asterix!