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Pirate Lookout

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The Pirate lookout keeps watch for the fearsome (though little feared by our Indomitable crew) pirates lead by Redbeard.

Never leaving his post (although his post often leaves him during the recurring battles with Asterix and Obelix, known in pirate language by the code name «the Gau… the Gau…»), the pirate lookout never misses an opportunity to comment on the torments endured by our favourite pirates and punctuates their regular misadventures with his remarks.

It must be said that this ancient pirate crew ends up «mergitur» more often than «fluctuat», as Pegleg would say (one of the Pirate lookout's brothers-in-arms, famous for his wooden leg and his Latin quotations), and enjoys as much misfortune as it does fortune! In spite of everything, in between shipwrecks, the pirate lookout is entitled to his 15 minutes of fame: in the album Asterix and Obelix All at Sea, he reveals his percussion talents to a dumbfounded audience when, in order to quicken the pace of the rowers, judged idle by chief Redbeard, he takes his place before the drums and becomes the drummer he always dreamed of being.

It's a breathtaking performance, so much so that the rowers forget to row in order to better enjoy the show, which doesn't exactly please Redbeard! However, it's in that very album that the pirate lookout is named for the first time in an Asterix adventure (at least in original French albums, where he's called «Baba»), thereby obtaining a consecration of sorts!