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Loyal right-hand man of chief Redbeard, Pegleg can be recognised by his legendary wooden leg and his flowing white locks which inspire, among the pirate crew of the Asterix adventures, the respect due to experience.

This experience enables him, despite an occasional lack of interest from his comrades, to share his shrewd and learned Latin comments each time (and there have been many times!) their ship is sunk following an attack. These attacks are carried out by that eternal scourge of this galley filled to the brim with brigands and bandits - a scourge named the Gauls!

Some two thousand years before the markedly less literary comments of Thierry Roland or the highly lyrical Philippe Candeloro, Pegleg entered into history by becoming the first consultant in naval disasters - a sport at which Asterix and Obelix's favourite pirates, it has to be said, are champions in every category! And although the sport is far less common nowadays, it's a shame that the stars of commentating on round and oval balls don't follow the example set by their precursor Pegleg more often, by courageously placing themselves at the very heart of the action and stringing together the most evocative of Latin sentences. But what do you expect anything?