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Page 4 is the page in most Asterix books that provides an introduction to the main characters.


The original page four is not the same as the current page four.

The 2004 Orion edition of Asterix the Gaul[1] shows several changes in both artwork, text and font from the 1969 Hodder & Stoughton edition [2]

The 1969 edition page is titled "a few of the Gauls". The 2004 edition lacks this title.

The character artwork for Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, Cacofonix, Chief Vitalstatistix and his shield bearers has changed. The two main differences are the shield bearers and the addition of Dogmatix.

A short block of text introduces each of the characters. In the 2004 edition, the text is printed in block text, rather than normal text. The text background in the 1969 edition is yellow with a black line around it. The black line is missing in the 2004 edition. Also the semicolons in the original text have been replaced with commas. In the 2004 edition, a short bit is added about Dogmatix.


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