Inspector General Overanxious, on a special mission from Julius Caesar, is not someone easily impressed by the Gauls, no matter how indomitable they are! Rallying the terrified legionaries from the Compendium camp who, up until now, preferred the sick lists rather than to go fighting (even if it's a «bitter pilum»!), Overanxius leads a courageous assault against the Gaulish Village.

Not too surprisingly, this act of bravado finishes in a real free-for-all. Not to be discouraged, Overanxius changes tactics and has a stockade built around the Village, declaring a siege. Beside himself with rage, Asterix explains that Gaul is his country and he bets that he can tour the entire land without getting caught by the Roman legions.

He returns triumphant from the tour with proof of his exploits in the form of culinary specialities from each of the major Gaul cities he visited. At the final banquet, Asterix insists on being the one to offer Overanxius the real speciality of the Village: an uppercut!

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