Nervus Illnus

The Tour de France's Asterix and Obelix, the opportunity to meet many people. Since there are many on the one hand the Gauls, whose right to the heart of our hero and beat the other hand, the Romans, who are traveling on all roads in the country, determined to prevent our indomitable can to win their bet. They collect at every appropriate opportunity slaps. ... Thus, for example, Nervus Illnus, whose tow truck stolen from Asterix and Obelix to go to Camaracum (Cambrai) and the local slaps. Others show more fighting spirit and turn our heroes can not easily drawn. Consider using an Spongefingus, which is towed by our Gauls at first, then it is to get through the roadblock of Petilarus to be taken down soon afterwards by the roadside. Spongefingus persistently finds our hero in the lane Durocortorum (Reims) again, where he threatens them, drill them to be pilum in the sternum. He grins as he tried to elicit as much fear as a character from "The Shining". (We note here the talent of René Goscinny, prophesied a dead language to give force and expression!). Asterix and his anger is reacted quickly by the cork from a wine amphora from Durocortorum (in other words, champagne) hard on the chin this uncouth Flegel placed, is then very monosyllabic
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