The Asterix Project

Asterix and Obelix have many travels, and in these travels they meet many different people of different nationalities. Here we look at the suffix's at the ends of their names (e.g.. -ix, -us) and how Goscinny and Uderzo portrayed the various nationalities. The Gauls (-us) and the Roman's (-us) cultures are self-explanatory as they appear in every book. It is the one -off people who are more interesting

1. The Atlanteans were a mythical race who had the ability to revert to childhood. Spent their days playing games and riding on winged cows. Suffix:os

2. Belgians - A strong race of people (without the magic potion) who have a meal at every time possible. Are cynical of Amorican's by nature. Suffix:ix

3. Britons - The Britons are a easy=going people who sit back, relax and take a cup of tea every afternoon at 5 O'clock. Refuse to fight in the evenings and weekends. Have a "rather peculiar way of talking, what!" Suffix: ax,os

4. Corsicans - I don't know what to think of these Corsicans. Emotionless, vengeful, they will continue to fight amongst each other for many generations if their ancestors had a disagreement. Suffix: ix

5. Vikings - Very aggressive, loud, hard people.Like a good fight (relatives of the Normans). Suffix: -sen

6. Egyptians - The Egyptians are portrayed as not especially bright people (especially the laborers) who can get very disgruntled sometimes... Suffix: is , -et, varies

7. Goths (Germans) - Strict, mean and ruthless. Have a thing for warlike helmets and military exercises (in my opinion one of the best nations, maybe second only to the galus and romans. Suffi: ic

8. Greeks -Like their sport, wine, olives and dancing. Have lots of cousins and thinks of the tourists first. Suffix: os

9. Helvitians (Swiss) - The Helvitians are obsessively tidy people who have a thing for melted cheese, archery and singing.Suffix: ix

10. Iberians - "a proud and noble race" the Iberians are prone to burst into song and dance at a moments notice. Have a thing for druidical processions.... Suffix: -on/0s

11. 12. Jews - The Jews are peaceful and accommodating by nature, yet fight a silent war against the Romans. Have a strange (according to Obelix) law preventing them to eat pork. Suffix: No fixed suffix


14. Persians - Fish eggs and carpets are there thing, though they only like Persian carpets mind. Suffix: -es

15.Phoenicians - Dirty salesmen who are prone to not read the small print. Have a great fear for the pirates.