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Medicine Man is the secondary antagonist of the Franco-German animated film Asterix Conquers America (1994). He was The Medicine Man of an Indian tribe and tried to elicit the ingredients of the magic potion from Getafix.

He is voiced by Unknown voice actor in French, Rupert Degas in English and Tommi Piper in German.


The Medicine Man, whose name is not known, was the Medicine Man of an Indian tribe on the east coast of North America who had great influence there.

One day, the Gallic druid Getafix, catapulted from the "end of the world" by the Romans, landed on the Medicine Man's tipi tent. This and the other Indians probably saw Getafix as a strange intruder and therefore tied him to a stake. Asterix, who was later captured, was also tied to a nearby torture stake.

When Obelix was led to the Indian settlement with the help of the chief's daughter Ha-Tschi, he participated in a rite of the tribe in which he had to defeat the strongest member. Obelix, who had already fallen under the Gauls' magic potion in his childhood, managed this with ease and impressed the chief, who then released Getafix and Asterix.

The three Gauls took part in the celebration of the Indians around the campfire that evening of the same day. However, Getafix quickly managed to humiliate the Medicine Man with his magic in front of all the tribe members and he gave Ha-Tschi some of the potion so she could punish the Medicine Man for wetting her with a cheap trick. Enraged, the Medicine Man visited the group in their tent that night under the pretense of offering peace, only to knock them unconscious with hallucinogens in a peace pipe and kidnap Getafix.

Took the druid to a cave and tied him to a rack, believing no one would find him there. When Getafix woke up and the Medicine Man asked him for the recipe of the magic potion, Getafix didn't want to give him this recipe at first and claimed he'd rather lose his beard. However, he apparently relented when the Medicine Man threatened to do just that and pulled out a knife. Getafix dictated wrong ingredients to him, hoping that Asterix and Obelix would find him in time before the wrong potion was ready.

Later, however, the Medicine Man had finished brewing the "magic potion" and tried it confidently. However, he found that the potion not only tasted awful, but also didn't have the effect he wanted. The Medicine Man, angry at the deceit, drew his knife and approached Getafix, when suddenly Asterix and Obelix appeared, defeated the Medicine Man and freed Getafix.

After the kidnapping was exposed, the Medicine Man lost his prestigious job. From then on, his job was only to keep the area around the totem pole clean.


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