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Mannekenpix is a character from The Twelve Tasks of Asterix from 1976.

Mannekenpix is a Chef who prepares massive meals for the Titans, and finishing one of his three-course meals "down to the last crumb" is the sixth task Asterix and Obelix have to complete. Obelix eagerly volunteers for it, and devours a boar with fries, a flock of geese, several sheep, an omelette made with eight dozen eggs, a whole school of fish, an ox, a cow and veal, a huge mound of caviar (with a single piece of toast), a camel, and an elephant stuffed with olives. Mannekenpix storms out of the restaurant wailing that Obelix has eaten everything and he will have to shut up shop, but Obelix is confused, saying that the chef walked out when he'd only had his "starters."


  • Mannekenpix's name is a play on Manneken Pis, a bronze sculpture of a boy peeing in Brussels that is seen as a symbol of the city's people.