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Malodorus Caseus is a Roman who appears in Asterix in Switzerland.


Malodorus Caseus was one of the several attendants of an orgy with Curius Odus, governor of Genava. During the party, a game was played where all attendees dip a piece of bread into a pot of cheese fondue, and would receive a forfeit should they drop their piece into the pot. Malodorus Caseus unfortunately lost his piece in three attempts, and was subjected to a forfeit on each instance, ranging from a "five of best" with a wooden stick, 20 lashes on a whip, to being thrown into the nearby lake with weights tied to his feet.

Asterix and Obelix unknowingly rescued Caseus out of the lake during the night, with Caseus returning to the party. Caseus explained what had happened before his return with the help of "two men", triggering Odus into conducting a search for Asterix and Obelix throughout Genava. Odus left Caseus to his own, with the latter upset that he would not receive the stick after having dropped a piece of bread into the fondue once more.


"Malodorus Caseus" is derived from "malodorous", an adjective defined as "having an unpleasant smell"[1], and "caseus", Latin for "cheese".


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