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Getafix brewing

Getafix brewing the magic potion

The magic potion is a special drink that is brewed by Getafix. It is known to grant Superhuman Strength and Swiftness to anyone who drinks it. The magic potion is brewed from various herbs, which are found around the village and the forests surrounding it. The potion is known to be tasty like veggie soup.

As he is a druid, Getafix is the only one in the village who knows how to make the magic potion, since its recipe is always a close-guarded secret, as it can only be passed down through the druids by word of mouth. Whenever the Romans would try to conquer the Village, the Gauls always relied on the magic potion, which allowed them to fend off the Romans.

Because of this, the Romans, due to being constantly bested by the inhabitants of the tiny village, are desperate to know the secrets of the magic potion. Unfortunately for them, they have never discovered the recipe to make it, even though they tried to interrogate or even torture Getafix for it.

In Asterix and the Falling Sky, it is revealed that anyone who are non-human who drinks the magic potion will go through an alternate effect. This is shown as when two alien visitors drank the magic potion, it took a while for its effects to activate, which causes them to grow to a gigantic size.

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According to Getafix, the portion only increases the strength and speed of the consumers but not their durability. Therefore, users can still be subjected to injuries and death. This is clearly demonstrated in Asterix The Gaul when a Roman spy under Legatus Crismus Bonus disguised as a Gaullist, drinks the portion and flings a rock at great height only to be crushed later on when the rock lands hard on him.

Getafix claimed that drinking too much of the magic potion may cause disastrous side effects that he doesn't know and are beyond his knowledge; An example is in Asterix and Obelix All at Sea, where Obelix and Admiral Crustacius got turned into stone statues after consuming an entire batch of the potion. This the reason on why Obelix is denied the magic potion, and the second reason is that he is permanently under its effects, after he fell into a cauldron full of the magic drink when he was just a baby.

In Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods, drinking the magic potion even though when it is not yet ready, can result in a horrible condition that will weaken the person who drank the unfinished magic potion; This is evident as when Asterix drank it, he ended up having uncontrollable hiccups while flying through the air before falling to the ground severely weakened. As a result, in order to regain full strength, users are required to drink the finished magic potion.