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Lucullus (French: Tumulus) is a major antagonist from the 1994 Asterix film Asterix Conquers America. He is a roman patrician tasked by Julius Caesar to get rid off Gaul druid Getafix by catapulting him "off the edge of the world", thus removing the source of magic potion in the Gaul village and enabling Caesar's legions to finally conquer the last Gaul hold-out.

He is voiced by Jean-Luc Galmiche in French, Christopher Biggins in English and Michael Habeck in German.


Lucullus is introduced when he is amongst the many people at a steam bath, accompanying Julius Caesar. Lucullus overhears the senators present at the steam bath, grumbling about Caesar's inability to defeat the Gaul village and humoring the prospect of "Brutus sticking one in (Caesar's) back." Lucullus then attempts to tell this to Caesar next to him, but bonks into Caesar's pet panther. Before regaining his composure, the Centurion enters the steam bath, bearing bad news about the recent attempt to conquer Gaul village.

Subsequently, Caesar return to his place. There, he is accompanied by Lucullus and the panther. Caesar identifies the village druid Getafix to be main problem in his effort to conquer the Gaul village. He is however under superstition that "druids are immortal", but soon comes up with an idea. Believing that the earth is flat, they can have someone jettison the druid off the edge of the world. Lucullus praises the plan, but is soon designated by Caesar to carry out this plan, with Lucullus voicing hesitation.

Regardless, Lucullus, accompanied by two dimwitted Roman legionaries, recon the Gaul Village. Lucullus disguises himself as a another druid, in hopes of ensnaring Getafix, were he run into him in the woods. Circumastances favor Lucullus, as due to a massive brawl in the village, the magic potion brewed by Getafix is spilled on the ground - prompting him and other gauls to find ingridients to make enough for the next Roman attack.

While Asterix and Obelix go fish for the ingridients at sea, Getafix goes out on the woods accompanied by dog Dogmatix. There, he encounters disguised Lucullus and tries to have a chat with him, even though Dogmatix identifies Lucullus to be dangerous. Getafix falls in Lucullus' trap and net is sprung, incapacitating Getafix. Joyous Lucullus and the two romans take Getafix and Dogmatix on board a Roman galley and leave for the end of the world. Asterix and Obelix see them and go after them.

On their way to the edge of the world, Lucullus harasses Getafix by threathening to throw Dogmatix overboard to the sharks in the water. After pleading in vain, and with Dogmatix having annoyed him long enough, Lucullus throws Dogmatix into the sea regardless, laughing about it.

Dogmatix survives thanks to a friendly dolphin, who takes him to Asterix and Obelix. Using the dolphin, the Gauls trace to Lucullus' galley. However, they arrive too late, as the Romans catapult Getafix towards the edge of the world, with Asterix and Obelix crashing trying to save him. Believing to have succeeded, Lucullus leaves for Gaul to bear good news to Caesar.

Although he hasn't infact vanquished the druid Getafix, with him - as well as Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix - having landed in eastern coastline of North America, they are stuck there for the time being. With Lucullus having informed Caesar, he and his legions begin their campaign to wear down the Gaul village. Eventually, they succeed and imprison all the villagers sans the bard Cacofonix. Asterix and Co. arrive too late and witness a destroyed village.

The Romans' celebrate at the Centurion's camp, with Caesar and Lucullus occupying the main tent, where they toast to victory. Caesar tells that for what Lucullus has done, he rewards the latter with the remains of the Gaul village, to which Lucullus doesn't seem to be too enthused about. Meanwhile, Asterix and Obelix, disguised as legionnaires, infiltrate the camp and give their friends the magic potion hidden in the two amphoras which allow them to free themselves and raze the camp.

Amidst the chaotic brawl, Caesar manages to escape by hiding in a barrel. Lucullus tries to follow, but he gets trapped by Caesar's panther, being dragged back into the tent and swallowed whole off-screen. Subsequently, the panther leaves the tent with a massively swollen belly from Lucullus' hefty body.


Lucullus is a textbook sycophant, albeit one with a unwarranted cruel streak. He remains quite jovial at the misery of captured druid Getafix, laughing to himself almost constantly on their way to the "edge of the world". He also attempts to throw Dogmatix (a small dog) in the sea to be eaten by sharks, with rather nonchalant attitude about it.