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Julius Pompus

Caius Flebitus, Julius Pompus, Gracchus Sextilius and Claudius Quintilius are four legionaries in the Compendium camp and are thus confronted with the harsh reality of having the Gauls as neighbours. Although it is not certain that Julius Pompus is the early version of Marcus Ginantonicus (the right hand of Crismus Bonus) he bares great resemblance to him. In fact the first time i read the book i thought that he just got shaved ! However Julius Pompus appears to be (in the way of his armor) a decurion in the local camp of Compendium. Some believe he is a squad-patrol leader, but if that is so, why wasn't he present during the first battle of our favourite hero Asterix (panel 5) therefore he remained in the camp and was not beaten up by Asterix! Also a very strange thing is his beard he is certainly not shown having any "hair magic potion" and even so his never shown again after panel 6 (maybe replaced by Marcus Ginantonicus), so he could not possibly  consume any "ancient recipe for hair lotion"! Or maybe he met Getafix some time ago and he did what Crismus Bonus did A BIG MISTAKE: arguing whith the druid :-)