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On command of Caius Fatuous the breeze Lanista radius (the head coach of the Gladiators), commissioned by his boss to turn Asterix and Obelix, the stars of the games in the circus at Rome. This toothless watchdog always leads his whip with him. Insalubrius is a breeze mountain of muscle that spreads through the ranks of gladiator contender horror, and it uses methods that let the Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket look pale ... But our indomitable can not be asked twice and after breeze radius - completely surprised by the performance of the obvious talent of our Gauls - during training through the air, sailed find him completely shaken in his father's lace back, where it then but prefer to work again would ! His students are especially pleased about it because their deposit struggle with the trident are replaced by fun games! Asterix and Obelix do so out of the gladiator academy its own academy in the Gallic version!


"Insalubrius" is a play on "insalubrious", an adjective that defines a place that is "unpleasant, dirty, or likely to cause disease".[1]


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