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Homeopathix is a well-off Gaulish merchant of Lutetia. He is Impedimenta's brother and is married to Tapioca ('Galantine' in the original French, a popular French dish), with whom has a daughter called Galantinette. Both him ans his wife feature in Asterix and the Laurel Wreath, and Homeopathix is also mentioned in Asterix and Caesar's Gift and The Soothsayer. They also appear in Une Folle poursuite (A Crazy Chase), a picture book published in French in 1973, starring Dogmatix.

Homeopathix is rich and successful and loves showing off the luxury lifestyle he enjoys. He and his sister are very close and she also gets on well with his wife. Impedimenta is very envious of their luxurious home and the rich food they have at mealtimes, and reproaches her husband Vitalstatistix for not matching it; in fact, she wishes that Homeopatix and Vitalstatistix become business partners in order that she can live in a similar style in Lutetia rather than the rough and basic ways of the village. In contrast, Vitalstatistix loathes his arrogant show-off brother-in-law who further insults him by calling him "Whatsisname", purposely treating him as if he was someone of little importance.

During a visit to Homeopathix's home in Lutetia, Vitalstatistix gets increasingly frustrated by Homeopathix's boasts and arrogance and the way he contrasts his home comforts to the simple ways of the village; as he becomes drunk, and in order to get back at Homeopathix, Vitalstatistix drunkenly announces that he will serve him a meal which his money will never get him: a stew seasoned with Julius Caesar's laurel wreath. His view is that Homeopathix, who is more likely to trade rather than fight the Romans, will never obtain Caesar's wreath, while he can send Asterix and Obelix to Rome to obtain it by force or subterfuge.

Asterix and Obelix do obtain the wreath and return to the village where Vitalstatistix serves it to Homeopathix in a stew. When Vitalstatistix states that a wealthy man like Homeopathix would never eat such a meal in his own house, Homeopathix "agrees" by sarcastically pointing out that it is overcooked and of poor quality, which provokes Vitalstatistix to angrily punch him into the air.