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Gluteus Maximus is a Roman legionary who appears in Asterix at the Olympic Games. He is an athlete chosen to compete in the Olympic Games.


Gluteus Maximus (left) runs and Asterix and Obelix.

The Roman Army maintains the cult of excellence. Legionaries are duty-bound to be the best trained, the strongest, the most disciplined. So you can imagine how proud Gluteus Maximus is when he is selected to represent Rome at the Olympic Games.

“I am the best!” he exclaims. Yes, but… An encounter in the forest with Gauls brimming with magic potion soon makes him forget his dreams of grandeur! Gluteus feels like a “loser” and starts vigorously sweeping the Aquarium camp instead of practicing his sport.

A good sport, Asterix finally decides to hand over his winner’s laurels and Gluteus Maximus ends up being named centurion by Caesar. And so, for once: Gloria victis, or glory to the vanquished.