The Asterix Project


After Dubbelosix is rattled by the Druids for the sixth time exam (so he also has his name), the patience of his auditors was at the end. They had no other choice than him at the seventh attempt yet to grant the Druid diploma. Revenge for this insult, since Dubbelosix and put all his ambition in order to be the smartest spy druids. And indeed they have succeeded in the album The Odyssey, bringing his talent as a double agent in the service of Julius Caesar's secret police to advantage. A spy who does not remember quite by accident at the products represented by Sean Connery James Bond!

The task was the secret recipe for the magic potion to learn directly from the mouth of Getafix, Dubbelosix into its modern Collapsible in the village of Asterix. Assisted by a trained fly, in record time on his micro papyrus written messages can bring about, is the insidious Dubbelosix all his nastiness and his ancient technologies committed to deceive both the Gauls and the Romans. He wants to use the secret of the magic potion for his own purposes.

But he has not counted on the list of the Gauls and the wrath of Caesar: So finally finds unwanted Dubbelosix again as an attraction at the circus in Rome!