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Is so terrible that no longer help themselves to healing potions Getafix! The venerable Druid is the only solution is to send the chief at the spa in the seaside resort of Aquae Calidae (now called Vichy). Diagnostix there waiting for him, a colleague of druids Getafix.

Thanks to his gaze trained on specialized diets classifies the chief druid as "extreme case" and ordered him the infamous "diet number 1". Radical treatment may not be: regular drinking of water from a mineral spring, an ingenious system for showers and a strict diet, which uses only water steamed vegetables on the table.

After the treatment is established for the chief, is also used to Diagnostix Obelix and tried it, even using his fist to make it clear that he also would have needed a cure. The punch, which pushes the Druid is our well-built Gauls in the stomach is so intense that the mere sight Vitalstatistix falls in a swoon! The diagnosis for Obelix is not so bad! For the remainder of the treatment itself Diagnostix has devised a gentler method that's just the preponderance of the chief of the Indomitable Gauls on the collar!