The Asterix Project

Derek Hockridge was born in 1934 in Wales and brought up in the English city of Birmingham. His degree at the University of Wales, Cardiff, was followed by teacher training at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. Subsequently he was a French teacher at Manchester Grammar School, then lecturer at what was then Leicester Polytechnic (now part of De Montfort University.)

Hockridge is probably best known as the co-translator, along with Anthea Bell, of the world famous Astérix comic books[1] , written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo. Hockridge was selected as one of the two translators because he was considered an expert on contemporary French society who would easily be able to pick up popular culture references in the books. Hockridges work helped to make the "Asterix" series a great success in the United Kingdom and some other English speaking countries.

A member of the actors' union, Equity, for many years, he appeared in Crown Court, in which he played clerk of the court[2], and also featured in minor parts in Brideshead Revisited[3] and "Jewel in the Crown".

He is now retired, and lives in Swanage, Dorset.