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Crismus Bonus

Crismus Bonus (French: Caius Bonus) is the first centurion to appear in Asterix's world. He allows the authors to lay the foundations for their humorous take on Roman hierarchical organization. Authoritarian (using one "volunteer" after another from among his legionaries to carry out his basest plots) and cruel (Asterix and Getafix barely survive a merciless - but hilarious - torture episode), Crismus Bonus is also extremely ambitious, as he works his way through a long list of officers hoping to take the place of Caesar.


Crismus Bonus wanted to know why the Gauls were super-strong. After sending one of his spies, namely Caligula Minus, he finds that the Gauls are using a magic potion to strengthen them. Immediately after finding these information, he and his garrison kidnap Getafix, and force the druid to make the strength potion. After every refusal, Getafix lied to him that the he wanted the perfect ingredients of that potion, which had a special ingredient; strawberries. Upon hearing this, his soldiers get strawberries and consequently, the potion gets complete.

After giving a sip of the potion to an ox-dealer (not knowing that the potion is the non-stop hair growth potion), Crismus Bonus and his soldiers take a sip of the potion. Unfortunately, in sooner time, they experience non-stop beard and hair growth, leading to a chaotic afternoon in their camp. When our Gauls make an antidote, he and his soldiers take advantage of this by surrounding them. Just then a legionary tells that he is being summoned by Caesar. After Asterix reveals the centurion's true intentions to Caesar, he tidies up matters by exiling the disgraced centurion and his garrison to Lower Mongolia.