Cilindric the German
Cylindrique le Germain

Cilindric the German

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Cilindric the German (French: Cylindrique le Germain) is a character from The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. He is voiced by Roger Lumont in the French version of the film.

Defeating Cilindric is the third task Asterix and Obelix have to complete. They meet him in an arena with huge doors, but Obelix is surprised when a short man steps out and agrees to fight Cilindric first. He gets angry when Cilindric calls him "fat," and is surprised when he gets slammed into the ground and thrown into the bleachers with ease. Asterix is impressed by Cilindric's fighting style and asks him how he does it. Cilindric explains that he uses his opponent's strength against him, then teaches Asterix how to throw and grapple opponents like he does. The lesson ends with Cilindric's arms and legs tied in knots; he observes that he cannot move at all, and Asterix has defeated him.

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