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When we see him in tears, sobbing, "They're all quite thick and I'm their leader," when talking about his men, it is quite clear that the unhappy General Cantankerus befits his name. But this is one leader who is a credit to his masters in Rome.

Cantankerus commands his troops with a firm hand but also knows how to motivate them in other ways, promising the most deserving of them seats at the Circus. He magnanimously keeps his word when the supposedly most deserving legionaries blunder yet again, even guaranteeing them seats in the best possible position to see the show: in the arena with the lions! Cantankerus is also a creative fellow, using methods ahead of his time to aid in the capture of Asterix and Obelix by having a drawing of our heroes sent to all the camps in the region.

But with Goths who are really Gauls but disguised as Romans and other Romans left tied up in their underwear and mistaken for barbarians, his patience runs out and he sinks into deep despair on seeing his men bashing each other because they are all equally convinced that they have finally caught the notorious barbarians disguised as Romans who are none other than Asterix and Obelix!


"Cantankerus" is derived from "cantankerous", an adjective describing a person who is "difficult or irritating to deal with".[1]