The Asterix Project

The advantage of being a comic-book author is that you can cast your dream actors. That's why caricatures of famous actors sketched by Albert Uderzo's expert nib regularly bring a hint of the silver screen to Asterix (Jean Marais, Lino Ventura, Charles Laughton and, more recently Kirk Douglas and Arnold Schwarzenegger…).

In Asterix and the Banquet, César Drinklikafix, an inn landlord, borrows the features of legendary French actor Raimu, and takes up things where Marcel Pagnol's scripts left off, re-enacting the card game from the film Marius and the equally legendary bowls game from Fanny.

Thanks to his loquaciousness and a fearsome grandiloquence, César Drinklikafix frightens a whole Roman garrison on his own, allowing Asterix and Obelix to leave Massilia without any hold-ups, equipped with a takeaway fish stew prepared by Hydrophobia, the wife of this Mediterranean César. This exploit earned him a place among guests at the big banquet for the anniversary of the battle of Gergovia in Asterix in Corsica.