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TLPG TLPG 19 December 2020

My Favourite Asterix Album

Has to be Asterix the Legionary. It is arguably the funniest of all the stories. The sheer frustration in not just Asterix and Obelix but everyone else they were training to be legionnaires. The Egyptian Ptenisnet for instance was a well placed comedy relief (if any was needed) and thank goodness for the interpreter. Even before all that happened just seeing Obelix totally smitten with Panacea was hilarious in itself. I wasn't quite so amused with Dogmatix falling for the kiss, and likewise Asterix at the end. But it didn't matter. You would have thought at some point that both Nefarius Purpus and Dubius Status would have self admitted to an asylum (and the captain of the galley as well) - or maybe they were all in love as indicated amusin…

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Cligra Cligra 15 December 2010

Favorite Asterix Book?

What is your Favorite Asterix book?

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StarLightNova StarLightNova 23 August 2017

Travels with Asterix

Asterix undertakes a lot of travels. In fact, he travels all over the place. The places are kind of not surprising since the cutlure and people are almost predicatable. 

For example, he travels to Rome, France, Belgium, Egypt, and England, among other places. They are cool. If you do notice, those locations are familiar to us. We all know about those cultures in their ins and outs. Thus, the artists seem to be a little dull. In fact, they draw on what we know to create the cariculture. Admittadly, things are a little dull so here are some places that I could see them going to.

10. Persia

9. Aksum

8. Saudi Arabia

7. Indus Valley

6. Eastern Europe

5. China

4. Middle East

3. Maya

2. Native America (North and South America)

1. Science Fiction

Now, in the …

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