The Asterix Project

Attention Menhir! is a 4D film that was added to Parc Astérix in April 27, 2019 to celebrate the park's 30th anniversary. As it is based on the Asterix comic book series, the film's plot is an alternate and short version of Asterix and the Big Fight.

Like the book's film adaption, most of the main plot elements are alternated/omitted. However, some important elements, such as Getafix going insane after being hit by a menhir by and testing different potions on a Roman Soldier, were used in the film.

Plot Summary[]

In a pre-show of the 4D experience, in the Roman camp of Babaorum (an original version of one of four camps surrounding the Gaullish village), Julius Caesar, Centurion Peupalus, and the legionnaires of the camp plot to abduct Getafix, the druid of the village, in order to deny the Gauls of their the magic potion, which could render the village vulnerable. An unnamed legionnaire and two other Roman soldiers go undercover in order to catch Getafix by surprise. In theatre, during the main show, when Getafix is out in the woods collecting resources with his golden sickle, he arrived where the three soldiers are hiding, giving the three the opportunity to catch him.

In another area of the forest, Asterix, his friend Obelix and the latter's pet dog Dogmatix were out in the woods hunting boar, with Asterix successfully catching one but was inadvertently ruined after Obelix threw a menhir. It turns out, the latter is playing a game with Dogmatix. After Obelix throws the menhir again, Dogmatix immediately went after it. During the chase, he stumbled across the now-captive Getafix and three undercover soldiers. The menhir suddenly lands on Getafix, knocking him out cold. When Asterix and Obelix arrived, two of the soldiers immediately fled while the legionnaire was sent flying by Obelix, after insulting the latter.

After pulling the menhir off Getafix, Asterix congratulates Obelix in a sarcastic tone for his reckless action. When Getafix regains consciousness, he began to act strangely, as he now appears to be amnesiac and have lost his mind. At camp Babaorum, Centurion Peupalus was busy playing with wooden figures of himself and Obelix when the two Roman soldiers that had fled arrived while the legionnaire crash-landed in a puddle of mud. When he relays to his centurion of Getafix's "death", Peupalus becomes confident of securing a victory over the Gauls and began ordering his soldiers to prepare for their attack on the village.

In the village, in the house of Chief Vitalstatistix, Asterix tries to restore Getafix's sanity by making him experiment on different potions to no avail as Getafix ended up destroying Vitalstatistix's house with a big, colorful and sparkly explosion, which sent the cauldron flying into the air. Meanwhile, the Roman legionnaires are busy preparing for their planned attack. During that time, while two of the soldiers were loading a catapult, the cauldron that was sent flying landed on the legionnaire, causing him to stumble onto the catapult's bucket and he was launched by accident. When he landed in the village, Asterix and Obelix decided to use him as a guinea pig for Getafix's mad potions. During one of these experiments, Tofungus was given uncontrollable swiftness and he began running in circles. At the same time, Getafix is brewing another potion which caused another (but smaller) explosion. In an instant after that, time suddenly slows down, as it was part of the effects Tofungus is going through.

Taking the opportunity to cause some mischief before the effects wear off and he is once again sent flying (but this time by the replacement cauldron, which went off like a rocket). As Getafix was hysterically laughing at the incident, Cacofonix alerts the village of the incoming attack from the Romans. As the village is being attacked, the remains of Vitalstatistix's house fell on Getafix, restoring his sanity and memories but was hit by another menhir by Obelix, who thought that knocking him out again might cure him. This caused Obelix and Asterix to get into an argument but Getafix is revealed to still be sane. As Roman continued attacking, Obelix flings a boulder away, causing it destroy a catapult, confusing Peupalus.

With a newly-prepared batch of the magic potion, this allowed the Gauls to fight off the Romans with ease, forcing them and Peupalus to retreat. That night, as the Gauls are holding a celebratory feast, Obelix was asked by Getafix to throw away the menhir he has, which the former begrudgingly did. When he throws it backwards, Cacofonix who is gagged and tied up so that he won't sing, dodged it in time as the menhir hits the screen, shattering it, before crashing into a wall of the theatre.


Character Role
Asterix (Astérix) Jean-Claude Donda
Obelix (Obélix) Guillame Briat
Getafix (Panoramix) Bernard Alane
Vitalstatistix (Abraracourcix) Serge Papagalli
Impedimenta (Bonemine) Barbara Beretta
Cacofonix (Assurancetourix) Arnaud Léonard
Geriatrix (Agecanonix) Laurent Morteau
Unhygienix (Ordralfabétix) Gérard Surugue
Fulliautomatix (Cétautomatix) Yves-Henri Salerne
Julius Caesar (Jules César) Philippe Spiteri
Petitbonus Antoine Schoumsky
Centurion Peupaplus Xavier Fagnon
Légionnaire Christophe Lemoine