Asterix vs Caesar was released ten years after the successful The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. In that period Asterix writer Rene Goscinny had died and Studio Idefix, the company that had made Twelve Tasks, had been liquidated. Georges Darguard negoiated with Albert Uderzo to get another Asterix movie rolling and Asterix vs Caesar was born.


One day, Obelix tells his best friend Asterix that he has fallen in love with the beautiful Panacea, but that he is far too shy to confess his feelings to her. While Asterix urges him to face love bravely, Obelix learns that Panacea loves somebody else, the handsome Tragicomix. Obelix is crushed… but his big chance comes when Panacea and Tragicomix are kidnapped by the Romans. When they hear that the two lovers might be in Africa, Asterix and Obelix don’t hesitate to join the Roman legions in order to find them. After many hilarious adventures, they face a serious problem. Panacea and Tragicomx are sentenced to the arena as a birthday present for none other than Julius Caesar. (And be sure not to miss the big race!) An excellent spoof of multimillion dollar epics like Spartacus, Quo Vadis and Ben-Hur.

English Voice Cast

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