Asterix in Britain was the last movie to be produced by Productions Darguard Films. Britain had often helped Gaul fight the Romans. Now that the Gauls had been conquered, Julius Caesar decided to involve the British Isles next. In spite of their gallantry, the Britons strange customs proved to be a drawback in battle. Every day at five o’clock they stopped to drink hot water. What’s more, they stopped fighting entirely for two days out of seven. Accordingly Julius Caesar, a cunning strategist, ordered his troops to attack only at five o’clock on weekdays and all day at the weekend. All Britain’s was occupied…All? No… one village still holds out against the invaders, one small village in Cantium (Kent). But for how long? Fortunately, one cousin from Gaul by the name of Asterix might be willing to help! And if he were to bring along a barrel full of strength giving magic potion for the rest of the British army…

English Voice Cast

Additional Voices


You will notice a few differences in this movie compared to the Asterix in Britain:

  • The most substantial difference between the two is that in the movie, Dogmatix comes along for the ride. He has his big moment when he follows Honest Fiddlesticks (the cart thief) and finds the magic potion (accidentally).
  • Some of the characters are different from the books such as the Pirate boy, General Motus, Stratakumulus, etc.
  • Instead of getting the tea from Getafix, Asterix gett it from some Phonecians he saved from the pirates.

The animations are suburb and the characters appear exactly as they are drawn in the books. Unlike many of the other Asterix books, the jokes are intelligent too. I especially like the two Romans who are constantly discussing cooking.

Grumbles? Can't really think of any. It was original enough, but still was true to the book. I especially liked the dubbing. In other Asterix Movies, the characters have been dubbed with American Voice Actors. In Asterix in Britain the Gauls had French accents and the British were, well British. Perfect! The Romans did not have Italian accents, instead they were American, but it worked.

If you don't watch any other of the Asterix cartoons, make sure watch this one!