Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia (French: Astérix & Obélix : Au service de Sa Majesté; translated as Asterix & Obelix: On Her Majesty's Service) is a 2012 French adventure comedy film directed by Laurent Tirard. It is the fourth live-action film in the Asterix series and is based on Asterix in Britain and Asterix and the Normans.


Julius Caesar lands in Britain, where a small village still holds out bravely against the Roman legions. But the situation becomes critical and the villagers have not got long to live; that's when Anticlimax, one of the villagers seeks volunteers to go seek help from his second-cousin Asterix the Gaul and bring back a barrel of "magic potion" from the Breton village of the indomitable heroes.


  • Catherine Deneuve as the Queen Cordelia
  • Gérard Jugnot as Redbeard
  • Jean Rochefort as Lucius Fouinus
  • Valérie Lemercier as Miss Macintosh
  • Guillaume Gallienne as Anticlimax
  • Charlotte Le Bon as Ophelia, Anticlimax's fiancée
  • Dany Boon as Tetedepiaf
  • Bouli Lanners as Grossebaf (Olaf Timandahaf)
  • Atmen Kelif as Pindépis
  • Niccolò Senni as Megacursus
  • Jean Rochefort as Senador Lucius Fouinus
  • Michel Duchaussoy as Abraracourcix
  • Tristán Ulloa as Claudius Lapsus
  • Vincent Moscato as Pilliébax
  • Ginnie Watson as a Breton
  • Filippo Timi as a decurion
  • Neri Marcorè as a decurion
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