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Asterix – The Secret Of The Magic Potion (French: Astérix: Le Secret de la potion magique) is a French 3D-animated adventure family comedy film co-directed by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy, and is the sequel to Asterix - The Mansions of the Gods. The Secret of the Magic Potion is the first animated film where Roger Carel does not voice Asterix and Dogmatix, and is also the second animated Asterix movie to be based on an original screenplay rather than material from the comics.


One early morning, the Gallic druid Getafix is out in the forest outside the village of indomitable Gauls, collecting mistletoe but falls from a tree after rescuing a baby bird. Meanwhile, everyone in Brittany are busy doing their morning routines; The Gauls got to work,The Pirates are busy cleaning their ship, the Romans are having their morning exercise, and Asterix and Obelix hunt for boar. During the hunt, the latter discovered an unconscious lying on the ground. When Getafix tries to get up, one of his feet hurts really badly. It turns out, because of the bad fall, he had broken his foot in the process.

At the village school, while the rest of the village children are busy brawling with each other, a creative village girl called Pectine is busy trying out a prototypical invention she had made, which was created to squirt water onto small plants. As two village boys pretend to teach potion making, Getafix arrives with Obelix. Pectine, who admires the former, wants to show her teacher what she made but is confused after seeing that Getafix is being carried by Obelix. Asterix then tells the children that Getafix won't be teaching class. After being taken into his house, Getafix shuts Asterix and Obelix out.

Later that afternoon, Getafix, worried about his mortality and believing that he is now too old to continue on, as a result of his fall, resolves to find a young successor so he could entrust the secret of the magic potion, which was opposed by both Asterix and village chief Vitalstatistix.

The next day, Asterix tells Obelix of his skepticism of entrusting the magic potion's secret to a druid who has no experience and fears that successor might misuse its power or even reveals the recipe. However, Getafix who is being carried in a chair by Obelix, insists Asterix on coming along in his quest to ensure that he won's mistake in his choosing of a successor. During the journey, they reached the Carnets forest, which is where the Grand Council of Druids would gather for their meetings.

However, because only druids are strictly allowed to enter the forest, Getafix intends to go alone but because of his broken foot he is unable to. Asterix then discovers that Pectine had stowed away inside Getafix's cauldron while no one was looking. However, Asterix reveals that he knows that Pectine is inside the cauldron, as he told the entire village that she is coming along with them on the quest and that he saw her climb into Getafix's cauldron, to the anger of Obelix. It is then revealed that women are also not allowed to enter the Carnets forest. As Asterix and Obelix are yelling at each other, they immediately stopped when Pectine began to cry, only for Getafix to immediately comfort her and remarks that her prototype is magnificent. Upon noticing a wheel from Pectine's prototype, he immediately gets the idea of using the device's wheels on his chair, making it work like a wheelchair.

While Asterix, Obelix, and Dogmatix stayed behind, Getafix goes into the forest while accompanied by Pectine, who disguises herself as a boy using Getafix's cape as a hood and making her dress look like boy's clothes. When they reached the meeting site, where all the druids have prepared a surprise party for Getafix, since he is seen as their best druid. When the latter tells them that he is searching for a successor to pass down the secret of the magic potion, all the druids believed it to be shenanigans, but were immediately distraught when Getafix is serious of it, causing their partying mood to instantly fade away.

At that same time, Asterix and Obelix had set up a small camp outside the forest while waiting for Getafix and Pectine to return. Back at the council, as they were having a meeting in regards to Getafix's successor, the meeting is suddenly disrupted by banished druid Sulfurix (Demonix in the English dub), Getafix's nemesis. As a terrified Pectine flees, Sulfurix approaches Getafix and offers himself as the latter's successor, which is greatly opposed by the other druids. As he wreak Havoc, Sulfurix attempts to attack Getafix only for Asterix, as he and Obelix were brought in by Pectine to stop Sulfurix, who is forced to flee. During a chase, he manages to stop Obelix in his path using his fire magic to hypnotize him to a frozen state, allowing Sulfurix to escape.

Meanwhile, Pectine learns of how Getafix and Sulfurix came to be enemies with each other; When they were just young druids, they were the center of admiration from their masters. They would relentlessly work together to create new techniques for potion making. At that time, the two prove themselves to be geniuses. During a grand tournament, Sulfurix showed off his impressive Pyrokinesis, but Getafix, while taking a risk, astounded all the druids present by presenting a simple but beautiful spell he had chosen; Using a magical blue powder, he creates, using only telekinesis, a tall and magnificent cairn that includes a huge rock at the very top, which did not even fall. Impressed by this, the judges saw Getafix's spell as pure magnificence. However, they also saw that it had no practical usage, and they criticized it as useless, though they noted that it is lovely. As a result, Sulfurix won the tournament in first place.

However, despite his triumph, the latter ended up not enjoying the career he had long for as his fire magic was merely used for basic needs such as lighting the Olympic Flame at the Olympic Games, performing in stage shows, and roasting and cooking barbecue in restaurants. Meanwhile, Getafix, on the other hand, concocts a magic potion that gives superhuman strength, which would become famously known and used to this day, This made him famous and respected amongst the druids of Gaul. Secretly watching this, Sulfurix, consumed with bitterness and jealousy, turns his back on mankind and began indulging himself in the practice of the dark arts. He eventually disappeared, causing him to not be seen for a very long time until now.

The next day, Getafix travels to every village throughout Gaul to meet with aspiring young druids in his quest for a successor. He is accompanied by Chief Vitalstatistix and the village's other men, with the exception of Cacofonix, who remains behind with the village women and a reserve supply of magic potion to repel attacks by Roman legionaries. Sulfurix offers Julius Caesar the chance to secure the recipe and is assisted by Senator Tomcrus, who plots to attack the village until it runs out of potion. Sulfurix recruits the unwitting Teleferix (Cholerix), a promising young druid, and teaches him magic in order to impress Getafix. Asterix uncovers their plot but is captured before he can warn the others. Sulfurix burns down the sacred forest of the druids, while Getafix chooses Teleferix as his successor. News soon reaches the Gauls that Cacofonix and the women have run out of magic potion. Getafix has Obelix, Pectine and Teleferix help him source most of the ingredients for the potion. However, Sulfurix steals them and freezes Obelix with a spell. Getafix returns home for his reserve ingredients, but finds them squandered by his fellow druids vying to make their own concoctions. Sulfurix orders Teleferix to make the potion, but a key ingredient is missing. Sulfurix inadvertently augments the incomplete mixture with his fire magic, consumes the resultant potion and attacks both the Gauls and the Romans. Pectine brings the leftover ingredients to Getafix, who instructs her to make the potion and reveals the missing ingredient is a drop of Magic Potion from a previous batch, secretly stored with the handle of his golden sickle. Getafix then battles Sulfurix and is saved by Asterix and Obelix. Sulfurix is punched out of the village, but lands in a puddle of potion that transforms him into a giant. The Romans and the Gauls join forces to combat him and drink the potion made by Pectine. Getafix uses his own magic to form the Roman legionaries into a giant centaur 'robot', which is guided by Obelix and defeats Sulfurix. With the danger over, the Romans retreat and Getafix advises Teleferix to return home to restart his training. As the Gauls celebrate with a feast, Getafix tells Pectine that she will eventually forget the secret of the magic potion, but the young girl states that she just can't get the recipe out of her head. It is hinted that Getafix may intend to make Pectine his successor.


Character Original English
Asterix Christian Clavier Ken Kramer
Obelix Guillaume Briat C. Ernst Harth
Cholerix Alex Lutz Michael Adamthwaite
Humerus Franck Pitiot
Somniferus Alexandre Astier Jason Simpson
Unhygienix François Morel
Tofungus Elie Semoun Sam Vincent
Demonix Daniel Mesguich Michael Shepherd
Getafix Bernard Alane John Innes
Fulliautomatix Lionnel Astier Scott McNeil
Impedimenta Florence Foresti Saffron Henderson
Bacteria Joëlle Sevilla
Phantasmagorix Patrick Bonnel Howard Siegel
Redbeard Eric Bougnon Aaron Chapman
Atmospherix Gérard Hernandez Alec Willows
Cacofonix Arnaud Léonard Andrew Cownden
Julius Caesar Philippe Morier-Genoud Mark Oliver
Geriatrix Laurent Morteau Ron Halder
Fotovoltahix Nicky Naudé Richard Newman
Vitalstatistix Serge Papagalli Don Brown
Cassius Ceramix Patrick Pineau Brian Dobson
Cakemix François Raison Brian Drummond
Senator Tomcrus Olivier Saladin Andrew Cownden
Pectin Lévanah Solomon Fleur Delahunty

Additional Voices[]

  • Alexandre Astier (Blodimérix)
  • Nicky Naudé (Aepyornis)
  • François Raison (Vitroceramix)
  • Ethan Astier (Loustix)
  • Dominique Bastien (Bazunix, Caustix)
  • Yoann Blanc (Colchix)
  • Max Brunner (Minix)
  • Simon Brunner (Spherix, Cubix)
  • Jacques Chambon (Zurix)
  • Louis Clichy (Magnetix, Brotherfratellinix)
  • Christophe Fluder (Bitnix)
  • Luna Karys (Mrs. Geriatrix)
  • Daniel Laloux (Triple-Legged)
  • Valeria Lamm (Pequeño Galo)
  • Antoine Lelandais (A Druid)
  • François Rollin (Grotadefrix)
  • Romain Segaud (Tektonix, Brotherfratellinix)

Box office[]

The film was released on 5 December across France, taking more than $2 million in revenue on the opening Wednesday and close to $7 million through Sunday night.[1] It has earned $34,702,470 in box office numbers.


This film, Dogmatix is voiced by an unknown voice actor in the French version.





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