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Anticlimax is Asterix’s first cousin, once removed, from Brittany.

A classy dresser (his tailor is rich), who exhibits remarkable phlegm and keeps a stiff upper lip at all times, Anticlimax is hooked on cups of hot water (with a splash of milk) and is the perfect guide to the ways and customs of the (Great)-Britons as described by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. They don’t miss a trick: the Tower of Londinium, bards who look like the Liverpuldian Fab Four, gardens worthy of the Centre Court at Wimbledon, rugby (very popular with Obelix who is considerably less keen however on the boiled wild boar and lukewarm beer consumed by the native Brits).

All these elements make Asterix in Britain one of Albert Uderzo’s favourites among the albums written by his friend René Goscinny. He particularly appreciates the flash of genius of transforming the Briton’s speech using English turns of expression. I say, enough to make one rub one’s hands with glee, what?


Asterix in Britain[]

Anticlimax first appears in the book when the Britons are struggling to deal with the Romans when Julius Caesar invades Britain. His chief, Mykingdomforanos, send him to Gaul to find Asterix and bring back some magic potion

Asterix in Corsica[]

Anticlimax appears in Asterix in Corsica as the fourth round of guests for the celebration of the Gaul's Victory at Gergovia alongside Mykingdomforanos , O'veroptimistix , McAnix and Dipsomaniax .

Asterix and Obelix all at Sea[]

Anticlimax makes a cameo appearance in a thought an British slave has on a boat ride.


  • Anticlimax's name is a pun on the word 'Anti-climatic'.