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Adventures of Dogmatix (French: Une Aventure d'Idefix) is a French children's book series published by Dargaud Editeur made between 1972 and 1974. In the United Kingdom, the books were published by Hodder Causton and translated by Frances Verner.[1] The stories are narrated from the perspective of Dogmatix.


Volume Number Year Published Cover English Title French Title Plot
1 1972 Dogmatix Makes a Friend Idéfix se fait un ami
2 1972 Dogmatix and the Boar Hunt La chasse au sanglier
3 1972 Dogmatix and the Storm L'orage
4 1972 The Well Deserved Tea Party Un goûter bien mérité
5 1973 Idéfix et le bébé
6 1973 Dogmatix and the Lost Fish Idéfix et le poisson clown
7 1973 Idéfix a la neige
8 1973 L'anniversaire d'idéfix
9 1973 Dogmatix the Athlete Idéfix fait du sport
10 1973 Dogmatix and the Little Girl Idéfix et la petite fille
11 1973 The Crazy Chase Une folle poursuite
12 1973 Dogmatix at the Circus Idéfix au cirque
13 1974 Idéfix magicien
14 1974 Dogmatix and the Parrot Idéfix et le perroquet
15 1974 Idéfix s'en va-t'en guerre
16 1974 Idéfix et le petit lapin


  • In "Dogmatix and the Storm", it says that "Obelix's cousin from Brittany arrived on our doorstep" (no such person is known to exist) while the picture shows Anticlimax - Asterix's cousin from Britain.