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Adipus is a Roman who appears in the Asterix album Asterix and the Banquet


We can't imagine a Tour de Gaule worthy of its name without a day's rest in a staging post which allows the exhausted competitors to regain their strength and make a fresh start.

Aware of the need to revive their strength, Asterix and Obelix plan a stopover during their famous culinary expedition… and manage to let themselves be captured by the Romans! Captives at will, leisurely lounging in a cart pulled by horses from the Empire, our two heroes arrive in Tolosa (Toulouse) without incident while their Roman escort exhausts themselves travelling on foot!

Once in Tolosa, the Centurion responsible for their «capture» runs to inform Adipus, Prefect of the city, promising him a little «surprise»: the most sought after dissidents of all of Gaul. What's more, here is a perfect opportunity for Adipus to get a bit of exercise (which, in his case, means to be carried around on a litter by two slaves!!...) on his way to meet the prisoners.

But for the Prefect, the final surprise is finally a totally different one, as he will only find a set of semi-conscious legionaries, knocked out by Asterix and Obelix